Saturday, June 9, 2012

Waterfront Beachhouse for Rent

My favorite time of day to lay in the hammock on the balcony overlooking the Mexican Riviera is late afternoon as the sun is on the other side of the house so the balcony is in the shade then. Sometimes the sun is so bright coming in the balcony window I have to drop the shades so I can see my computer.
Today is one of those bright sunshine days but luckily the carribean trade winds are still blowing steadily so it is not really hot. I helped bring in the water bottles from the SUV this morning. We get all our drinking water in town in water cooler type bottles. The water for washing is cistern water which is from rainwater that falls on the roof and goes down into a cistern under the house. It is then pumped up to the roof to gravity feeds into all the faucets. It is not purified so we do not drink the cistern water - it is only used for showering and washing dishes, etc. Bottled water is so cheap - only $1 for 5 gallons so it is a not an issue. We also bring gas here for the generator in 5 gallon containers. It seldom has to be used because the solar panels on the roof provide enough power. Usually the generator is only used when there is not enough sun on very rainy days.

So there is some work involved in living here in an "off the grid" environment here at the oceanfront beachhouse. You sometimes have to fill up the generator and start it on very overcast days. I don't mind and can do that myself as I am in quite good shape for my age. I used to do more yard work but now we have a yardman come once a week so I think I am getting fat from not enough outdoor activity. Time to get back to exercising - something I used to do regularly but have gotten quite lazy these last few months. I also blame my room mates great cooking for the extra pounds but I have yet to turn down a meal.

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