Monday, June 11, 2012

Waterfront Beach House for Rent

Now is the time to plan ahead for that goal of living in an oceanfront paradise...I am looking for like minded people that want to share this oceanfront beachhouse with me. I have to fly back home every now and then so you would have it all to yourself while I am gone. I am looking for room mates that can stay at least 3 months or even longer if possible..the longer the better. My work is calling me back home so I must return there as soon as I can find suitable room mates that don't mind sharing this home with me. I do not own it but am managing it for a friend that does not have time to be here. And now I have to leave soon so am looking for a replacement for myself.                                                     
So if you think you might be able to get away for at least 3 months and work online from here or are retired and want to live overseas now is the opportunity you have been looking for. There is no work here so you would have to be able to work strictly online or have enough income to sustain you while here from savings or some time of regular monthly income.
If interested in renting all or part of this waterfront home for rent please click on the links in this post.

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