Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Retire in Mexico on the Costa Maya

Enjoy the feathery leaves of the coconut palm trees swaying in the balmy breezes of the Mexican Caribean here at this Oceanfront Beach home overlooking the mexican caribbean ocean of the Costa Maya. Great scuba diving and snorkeling can be done right in front of this house with an amazing 90' dive on the other side of the reef called Chiminea that has you slowly descending to come up thru a chimney of coral. Watch giant sea turtles swim slowly by and a myriad of reef fish school in swarms in front of you.
Hire a guide and go out fishing out by the reef right in front of this ocean front beach house then get dropped off right in front of it so you can go inside and cook that fish you caught. Relax in the comfortable beach front lounge chairs while sipping on a coconut or cocktail. Life is good here at this waterfront paradise beach house which you can live in long term by checking out the ocean front beach house rental page.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Waterfront Beach House for Rent

Now is the time to plan ahead for that goal of living in an oceanfront paradise...I am looking for like minded people that want to share this oceanfront beachhouse with me. I have to fly back home every now and then so you would have it all to yourself while I am gone. I am looking for room mates that can stay at least 3 months or even longer if possible..the longer the better. My work is calling me back home so I must return there as soon as I can find suitable room mates that don't mind sharing this home with me. I do not own it but am managing it for a friend that does not have time to be here. And now I have to leave soon so am looking for a replacement for myself.                                                     
So if you think you might be able to get away for at least 3 months and work online from here or are retired and want to live overseas now is the opportunity you have been looking for. There is no work here so you would have to be able to work strictly online or have enough income to sustain you while here from savings or some time of regular monthly income.
If interested in renting all or part of this waterfront home for rent please click on the links in this post.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Waterfront Beachhouse for Rent

My favorite time of day to lay in the hammock on the balcony overlooking the Mexican Riviera is late afternoon as the sun is on the other side of the house so the balcony is in the shade then. Sometimes the sun is so bright coming in the balcony window I have to drop the shades so I can see my computer.
Today is one of those bright sunshine days but luckily the carribean trade winds are still blowing steadily so it is not really hot. I helped bring in the water bottles from the SUV this morning. We get all our drinking water in town in water cooler type bottles. The water for washing is cistern water which is from rainwater that falls on the roof and goes down into a cistern under the house. It is then pumped up to the roof to gravity feeds into all the faucets. It is not purified so we do not drink the cistern water - it is only used for showering and washing dishes, etc. Bottled water is so cheap - only $1 for 5 gallons so it is a not an issue. We also bring gas here for the generator in 5 gallon containers. It seldom has to be used because the solar panels on the roof provide enough power. Usually the generator is only used when there is not enough sun on very rainy days.

So there is some work involved in living here in an "off the grid" environment here at the oceanfront beachhouse. You sometimes have to fill up the generator and start it on very overcast days. I don't mind and can do that myself as I am in quite good shape for my age. I used to do more yard work but now we have a yardman come once a week so I think I am getting fat from not enough outdoor activity. Time to get back to exercising - something I used to do regularly but have gotten quite lazy these last few months. I also blame my room mates great cooking for the extra pounds but I have yet to turn down a meal.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Living and Working in the Costa Maya

I have been having one of the local guys come here to this oceanfront beachhouse to cut down the palm fronds and coconuts out of the highest palm trees.
 It is best to do this at least once a year so that coconuts don't fall on peoples heads when they walk under them.  It also lessens the debris that you have to pick up after a storm.
Every morning I go out and pick up fallen palm fronds and coconuts and put them
into the burn pile - storms have a tendency to clean out the trees so some days
there is nothing to pick up. I don't mind doing it as it gives me some exercise while staying here at this oceanfront beachhouse and a reason for this computer tweeb to go outdoors. I do lay out in the lounge chair to tan on the beach every now and then but not as often as I used to because I am already quite tan. I am also at the age where having a tan is not as important as it used to be as I no longer consider myself to be a beach bunny.
Alot of people email me here while I am staying at this oceanfront beachhouse and ask me if it is safe here in mexico. From where I sit upstairs overlooking the costa maya caribean ocean I would say yes it is safe right here where I am now. I have no problem driving
into the local village or into the cruise ship port of Mahahual one hour away and shopping for groceries or even driving all the way to Chetumal which is two and one half hours away by myself.
 While in Chetumal I shop at the local big box stores there such as Sams Club, Walmart, Chedrai and Bodega. Since I don't go to Chetumal very often I stock up on enough to last me a month. So yes to me it is quite safe here as long as you don't do stupid things. Like leave your wallet on the front seat of your car with your windows down and walk away from your car ...I actually have talked to people that did that and they wondered why they got their wallet stolen in the US. Some people do not use common sense while traveling so for people like that the world will never be safe enough.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oceanfront Beach House Fishing in Mexico

Some people have asked if I ever go out fishing and diving here in front of this oceanfront beach house and the truth is I have gone out diving quite a bit here and snorkeling in the past.
I have seen all there is to see here in the many years I have been coming  here
so I don't go out diving and snorkeling that much any more. I am content to sit and watch the
palms sway in the ocean breezes and the waves breaking on the reef
from my upstairs window while working online. I have done all the tourist
things there are to do in this area and now I am comfortable to just live and work
here. Fishing is for the guys when they first come down and run around
like chickens trying to take in all there is to do. 
Yes bonefishing and flyfishing is popular right in front of this oceanfront beach house and all around this area as well as being famous for it's diving. There is a well known shallow diving
and snorkeling spot right in front of this waterfront house out by the reef.
You can have a boat come and pick you up in front of the house to take
you out diving or snorkeling...you just email them the day before to let
them know what time to pick you up the next day. I have also seen snook
hiding in the mangroves so you could bring your own fishing pole and tackle
and try to catch them from shore. If you want to go out in a boat fishing
it is best to email or go visit one of the local fishing guides to come and pick you
up to take you fishing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oceanfront Beachhouse for Rent

About every morning later in the morning here at the oceanfront beachhouse where I live, I peel a mango and sit at the kitchen table downstairs to eat it.
This morning the cat jumped up to lick the mango peels which was surprising because I didn't know cats liked mango. I am not the cats owner so I really did not know about all it's
tendencies. We give the mango peels to our resident iguana that lives under the front porch. This iguana has taken over the dog bowls that were left here by previous tenants.
So he is now our iguana watch dog along with all of his family. Sometimes they
sit outside the steps and wait for breakfast. They will eat anything, chicken bones, leftover eggs, macaroni - you name it...and if they don't eat it - the crabs and birds will.

Since it has been raining alot here lately the blue land crabs have been coming up out
of their holes and snacking on whatever we throw out. There are no leftovers here in this oceanfront paradise.
Sometimes we leave open coconuts on the picnic table and the birds eat the meat
out of those until they are completely clean.
The favorite coconuts of the locals are the green coconuts, they cut the
tops off with a machete and put a hole in the top and they are
full of coconut water. The brown coconuts are my favorite as the meat is
sweeter and the coconut milk is too, but for those you need to use a
splitting stake to open them. I am slowly getting used to the coconut water
from the green coconuts - it has a little bit of a bite to it compared
to the coconut milk from the more ripened brown coconuts.
Just another day working here online in a tropical paradise overlooking the mexican caribbean.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Working Online at a Mexico Waterfront Beach House

It is cheap and easy to work online at a mexican waterfront beachhouse. Mexico has some of the cheapest beachfront rental rates so it's a great way to save money while working online and yet have a great view of  the ocean. I had worked online from my home in a subdivision with just a view of the backyard for many years and always yearned for a prettier place to rest my weary eyes. It was ok for all those years to have a view of my well landscaped yard but I yearned for a water view. I could not afford to buy a house on the ocean but after scouring many rental ads for yucatan waterfront rentals I found one that I could really afford.

I can live wherever I want and work online servicing my website customers accounts and doing my affiliate marketing from my laptop wherever I travel. As long as I have WIFI I can do my work whether I am sitting at the airport, at a friends house, or here at my favorite place overlooking the mexican caribbean. You can take advantage of the low cost rental rates as there is plenty of room for more people here by going to Oceanfront Beach house for Rent.