Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Working Online in Mexico

I work online in paradise every day right here with a gorgeous view of the beach from my patio. I found this place a long time ago and have been coming here every year for a couple of months to clear my head
and to write without interruption. When I am back in the states the phone ringing and people talking interrupt my train of thought. The only sounds that interrupt me here are the occasional coconut dropping off a palm tree, boats going by way out by the reef, workers picking up coconuts or chopping palm fronds off trees. The sound of mexican voices from the lots next door or from my room mate upstairs or if I am staying in the cottage - I don't hear anyone from the house at all. Sometimes they come out back and ask if I need anything from the store - which is nice because sometimes I need a mango, potato, onion or tortillas as these are things you use daily. I also cook with coconuts which are plentiful around here and drink coconut water. It is easy to learn how to husk and open a coconut yourself. Sometimes if I am energetic I will crack open some almonds that grow on the trees behind the cottage. I will be leaving soon and the cottage will be vacant so if you are interested in renting an oceanview cottage go to: Oceanview Cottage Rental