Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Caribbean Beachhouse Rental

Got back from shopping at the free zone in Belize yesterday. We met with a couple and went to the Las Vegas Casino there for lunch. Then went to the stores in Chetumal such as Walmart and Sams Club and got back late last night. The caretaker Jorge was busily working away at his laptop upon our arrival. He is learning how to blog for himself in Spanish and English about living and working in the Costa Maya. He helps me take care of this oceanfront paradise by coming to visit each week.
This morning after having my coffee I checked and replied to all the emails that piled up after being gone all day yesterday. After catching up with that I went downstairs to have one of those little golden mangoes I so enjoy - they are sweeter than the larger round mangoes - you can get either kind at various tienas and fruit stands in Mahahual. 
I enjoy working online from this Caribbean Beach House in the Mayan Caribbean. We share this palm tree lined beach with a myriad of  wildlife such as iguanas and colorful tropical birds.  The morning is spent unpacking the SUV full of dry goods which we were too tired to unpack the night before.
The wind is nice and cool today and it is a little cloudy out but no rain is expected.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Working Online in the Caribbean

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall and sometimes pour and that is what it is doing today even in this oceanfront paradise...lots of wind last night but no rain but this morning there is so much rain you can barely see the reef. Before the rain started I went out and picked up fallen palm fronds and coconuts and threw them into the burn pile. This is the tropics so rain starting in late May is to be expected. Dry season is from December thru May. The rain has cooled things down and it is quite comfortable here in shorts and a tank top. I spend my mornings checking and returning emails and posting ads on the free classified advertising websites. During the weekdays when my website customers are at work I sometimes update their websites from requests they email to me.

Tomorrow I am going to the nearest major city of Chetumal to do some shopping at the big box stores and find things I can't find here locally. It takes from sunrise to sunset to shop and get back so when I return I will have alot of emails to return about living and working online in paradise.
Some crazy green and yellow birds have made a nest on the side of this oceanfront beachhouse and amazingly it survived in the wind and rain because it is on the west side. I tried to discourage them by removing it early in their nest building but they just kept on building it so I gave up. I think their springtime mating instinct has taken over their little bird brains. Reminds me of some people I know.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Working Online in a Tropical Paradise

It is a cool and very breezy day today here in paradise...the palm trees palm fronds are swaying in the breeze and it has rained a little this morning. One of the things I do while working online in paradise is post ads on free classified sites which enables my websites to get more traffic and then possibly more click thrus on my money making affiliate links. I am of course advertising for waterfront beach rentals at the same time. So these ads enable the websites for those properties to get more traffic. It is what I like to call circular marketing. 

I can see boats going by from the upstairs balcony overlooking the azure blue waters of the mexican caribbean. Sometimes I will go out and lay in the hammock later in the day when the sun is on the other side of the house. If you would like to live in an oceanfront paradise and learn more about making money thru affiliate marketing you should visit my affiliate marketing website.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Working Online in a Caribbean Paradise

Each day I wake up to a beautiful caribbean sunrise  at this oceanfront beach house and have a cup of coffee and maybe some cookies or maybe something I baked the night before like brownies or a piece of carrot cake. Later I will have a bowl of oatmeal with bananas and mangoes. Sometimes later in the morning I may go out and crack open a coconut and have some coconut milk and then crack open the nut and snack on coconut. I have an overabundance of coconuts here so green coconuts are cut open to give to the birds. There are all kinds of colorful birds in the palm trees...someday I will learn what they are called. I have even seen hummingbirds and keep reminding myself to get a feeder for them next time I go to chetumal.
Most groceries can be bought nearby in Xcalak and Mahahual but some things you can't find you have to go to chetumal for.
Most of my online income comes from website hosting for my customers from all over the world and the rest from affiliate marketing thru many affiliate programs. I would say that google adsense and ebay partner network are my top paying affiliate programs so far over the years. If you are interested in getting started with learning how to make money online be sure to visit my affiliate marketing webpage.
Thanks, Ann

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Caribbean Beachfront Paradise

I like to have a nice view out the window while I am working on my laptop that is why I chose this awesome oceanfront view to wake up to every morning and to enjoy it while working online.
You can have a view like this too for very little per month if you are willing to make a minimum 3 month commitment to living in mexico along the mexican carribbean. Check out the website for carribbean rentals to see how little it costs to live and work online on the ocean in mexico.
I have been coming down here for over many years to do my writing online for my internet advertising business. I can work from anywhere so after looking out over my backyard back at home for too long I decided it was time for a change of scenery...so that is how I ended up here. Everyone has their own idea of what paradise is for them and for me having a panoramic view of the carribbean ocean is it.