Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oceanfront Beach House Fishing in Mexico

Some people have asked if I ever go out fishing and diving here in front of this oceanfront beach house and the truth is I have gone out diving quite a bit here and snorkeling in the past.
I have seen all there is to see here in the many years I have been coming  here
so I don't go out diving and snorkeling that much any more. I am content to sit and watch the
palms sway in the ocean breezes and the waves breaking on the reef
from my upstairs window while working online. I have done all the tourist
things there are to do in this area and now I am comfortable to just live and work
here. Fishing is for the guys when they first come down and run around
like chickens trying to take in all there is to do. 
Yes bonefishing and flyfishing is popular right in front of this oceanfront beach house and all around this area as well as being famous for it's diving. There is a well known shallow diving
and snorkeling spot right in front of this waterfront house out by the reef.
You can have a boat come and pick you up in front of the house to take
you out diving or just email them the day before to let
them know what time to pick you up the next day. I have also seen snook
hiding in the mangroves so you could bring your own fishing pole and tackle
and try to catch them from shore. If you want to go out in a boat fishing
it is best to email or go visit one of the local fishing guides to come and pick you
up to take you fishing.

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